Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace
Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace
Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace
Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace

Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace

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Protect your knees and get relief from knee pain with the Mueller Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace. This self-adjusting Knee Brace helps protect the knee by providing maximum medial and lateral support. The metal hinges also help protect the knee from hyperextension.


  • Perfect for use during sports and other physical activities.
  • The soft, non-petroleum neoprene blend helps maintain body heat to help relieve pain, support healing and keep your knee flexible
  • It features side hinge pockets that help to ensure the correct position of the hinge for your knee size
  • The padded buttress in this sports knee brace aids in assisting the proper tracking of the kneecap
  • Featuring an easy-to-apply wraparound design for easy on and off, this knee brace is ideal for weak, injured and arthritic knees and it offers maximum comfort


  • One Size Fits Most
  • Measure 3" above your knee
  • Fits sizes 13" - 21"

The Mueller Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace helps treat and prevent common knee injuries, such as::
  • Postoperative Irritation/Pain
  • Posttraumatic Irritation/Pain
  • Patellar Lateralization
  • Femoral Pain Syndrome
  • Jumper's Knee/Runner's Knee
  • Ruptured Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)
  • Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  • Complex Instabilities
  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • Instability of Varying Degrees (Degenerative)

Mueller Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace
  • This self-adjusting knee brace provides maximum support
  •  Open back eliminates bunching 
  •  4-Way adjustable compression for a custom fit 
  •  FSA Eligible